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Careprost Features

Fuller longer and thicker eyelashes are the symbol of women’s beauty. However, not all of the women are lucky enough born with naturally gorgeous eyelashes. Fortunately, these women do not have to live out their lives without being considered beautiful because there is now a properly approved eyelash regenerating therapy available to them. Careprost is […]

Difference Between Latisse and Careprost

Originally launched as a glaucoma treatment, lumigan was found by accident to get naturally longer thicker and fuller eyelashes. Therefore, Allergan developed Latisse for lash growth only, which contains the same ingredients as Lumigan, and also gets FDA approval. Due to the high price of latisse, there is other alternative version of latisse. careprost is […]

What’s Is Careprost?

For most women, it feels really good to have beautiful eyes and gorgeous eyelashes, which could make women center of attraction easily. However, if you do not have naturally longer eyelashes, do not  to get depressed. You can regrow naturally fuller thicker and longer eyelash by using careprost eyelash growth serum within 4-8 weeks. What’s […]