Pros And Cons of Careprost

Careprost is a kind of eyelash growth serum that has launched several years and has helped thousands of clients regrow naturally longer thicker and fuller eyelashes in few weeks.

If you are the one also want to regrow gorgeous eyelashes with careprost, following are the pros and cons of this product. Before ordering careprost, you can also read reviews and articles online to get more details about this product.

Pros of careprost:

  • Careprost has another name: Generic latisse
  • Contains same ingredients as FDA approved latisse serum
  • Bimatoprost is the main ingredient, which has passed FDA approval as well
  • Over the counter drug, easily to order
  • Much cheaper price
  • Clinical test

Potential Cons of careprost

There are certain side effects of which all users should be aware. Most side effects seen from Latisse come in the form of allergic reactions to the drug.

  • Redness of the eye.
  • Itching at the application site.
  • Dryness of eye.
  • Lashes falling out.

If you have sensitive eyes and skins, we highly recommend you to get professional advice from your doctor before ordering careprost online.


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