What’s Is Careprost?

For most women, it feels really good to have beautiful eyes and gorgeous eyelashes, which could make women center of attraction easily. However, if you do not have naturally longer eyelashes, do not  to get depressed. You can regrow naturally fuller thicker and longer eyelash by using careprost eyelash growth serum within 4-8 weeks.

What’s is careprost? This is an over-the-counter eye drops that not only works to treat glaucoma, but also is a famous brand using to enhance lash. The main ingredient of this product is bimatoprost, which is an FDA approved ingredient to nourish eyelash and increase eyelash size.

Just like latisse serum, Careprost also contains 0.3% bimatoprost. Therefore, it is also named Generic Latisse. Besides, being an OTC drug, you can easily buy careprost online without any prescription. Just feel free to place your order on our official store to enjoy 100% brand new and authentic careprost.

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